Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Welcome March

Woah......... March came fast, yes my blog followers! I’ve forgotten you, I truly have for long years, but today I m back .it’s been so good to get up in the morning without much anxiety “what the buzz am I going to blog about today?!”emotions…yes emotions .

Other more responsible bloggers have their posts designed and planned their days in advance, but that has never been me. I need a sense of somewhat frantic necessity to get things completed in life, for the main part. Nothing too awfully thrilling happened in the last several months- though I did understand several eye-opening surprises It’s been definitely calm around here, and I can’t assure that it will progress anytime soon. 

There’s a bottleneck inside me plenty going on, but maybe a bit too much to convey something of substance at all. Still, I figured I would undertake. It’s fine, this year. It’s been very good. I’m joyful in a way that happiness can only explain because joy and luck and glee are too frivolous to rightfully set in the extent of goodness in my mind.
But I’m shocked, too. surprised with fear and terror over what 2014 has in store, for no other reason than it’s started out much, much dissimilar than any of my last years and it turns out I’ll have very small, if any control at all in how my life will pan out.
I have Faith,I do, and I am madly in love with everything that surrounds me right this moment .Big things seem to be happening, and all I can do is pray hard somewhere deep in my gut. But for now, I’m going to have to let things flow gradually, carefully, and peacefully. Sometimes silence happens. Not because there are no words, but because the words are too sacred for voices to hear. And maybe that’s all for now.