Sunday, July 27, 2014

If Winter Comes, Can Spring Be far Behind?

Happy July!  

Can you suppose we are by now halfway through the year?my mom always told me that move quicker as you get older and i completely have the same opinion.A day goes by and I often Think,did i miss something Today?

It is so effortless to get wedged up in all there is to do and the roles we play in life that we can miss the moment that is before us. I will frequently do something and then understand as I am doing it, that I am thinking of something else.  This is the reverse of mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a practice of being completely present with every single minute.  It doesn’t mean that we cannot talk about our past by sharing an achievement or suffering or that we don’t sketch for our upcoming by setting goals and scheduling trips, but relatively, we choose to be fully aware of what we are doing when we are doing it.  If we are scheduling a vacation in the future, we give our full concentration to it.  If we are working out our past (like in therapy), we give our full attention to it.  And if we are cleaning the house, we give our full attention to that.

Though, because the past can be filled with pain, we tend to live there when we are doing something else, annoying to fix what cannot be undone.  Or occasionally we make choices about the present or future based on something that has long since passed because we are not paying attention to what essentially is before us.  Or we are so unhappy in the moment that we get lost in dreaming of and living for a future that doesn’t exist.  Mindfulness is being fully awake to what is before us without trying to flee.  Mindfulness is finding the sacred in the ordinary, in the day to day existence of life.  Mindfulness knows that I didn’t miss anything when the day comes to an end.

At the midpoint of the year, I like to re-visit my New Year’s intentions and one of my intentions for this year, was to bring more mindfulness into my everyday life, to all the things that I usually find annoying or tiresome. It is a practice.  I’ll admit it is not easy for me but it is easier than it used to be and that is good enough.   Everything we practice, we will get better at but practice surely does not imply exactness.  Over and over, I have to repeat myself to come back to what is ahead of me. I expect “If Winter Comes, Can Spring be far Behind?

With  love and gratitude…
Sindhu Joy