Sunday, June 17, 2012

DAD YOU ARE MY HERO - Today is Fathers day

Today is Fathers Day and i really want to put a quote or little saying about my Late father. Everyone is just going to have 'happy fathers day,But i miss it because my father is no more..i Like tosay I love you dad!' For many , Father’s Day is a joyous occasion and a chance to celebrate With dads for their hard work and loving nature. But for those whose fathers have died, this day is far from festive.....


My Birthday

Thank you all for the beautiful birthday wishes. I honestly can't tell you how touching it was to see the nice Posts,Messages and comments left from those who chose to take a moment of their time to write and care when they read it was my birthday! These are not just "online" wishes but rather special sentiments to me that I do remember and appreciate. It is nice to feel appreciated. Thanks again. God bless you all.
Yours Lovingly
Sindhu Joy