Friday, December 30, 2011

A New year with bundle of resolutions!!!!!!!

I wish you all a happy 2012, dear friends!

I was shimmering back on 2011, and thinking what would be a fine fusion of the work I have been doing, and how I might concisely sum up a New Year’s resolution for myself. Here is what I have come up with: I know I'm pretty early on hitting up on my New Years Resolutions and gave it a lot of thoughts on it. I want to do certain things I am fond of but I disregarded it for the last few years. The things I would like to attain this year are so easy coz I want to be plain and modest
Some people asked me to carry on with my New Year’s Resolution into 2011.  I thought about it since it was so immense for me, though there are so many other things I want to achieve this year: learning to cook well, starting to paint again, maybe relearn French and starting to do charity works on Sunday. I had so much fun and will continue to try new things, but I won’t have to be so stiff about it.  I also have so many things I did this year that I want to do again – Books and Blogging, cooking classes, volunteering with church association , all the festivals, lots of voyage etc..etc...

Life has so much to offer, I hope to always have a zest for new understanding and not to get sedentary before my time comes. I learned a lot from my new adventures in 2011.  I learned a lot about my independence.  If I want to do something, I will now just do it if I have someone to join me or not. I learned about my friend’s and acquaintances, those I could count on and those who would continuously cancel last minute. Some people I wished would have canceled once we made it to the event/activity.  And I learned that hypothesis are truly that – some of the activities I was most looking forward to were not what I was hoping for and some activities/events that I was leery about were unbelievable

My greatest New Year resolution is to stay positive. For next year I want to spend on time of what I have passion for. A few resolutions are

-         I will restore broken relationships.
-         I will focus more on giving rather than taking.
-         I stay calm and in control even under times of stress.
-         More bonding with my family and a close friend of mine. 
-         I have passion on traveling and planning to arrange some vacation time by visiting my family in another state and more cruises.  

Thank you for those who supported me previous year