Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sometimes Love...

Sometimes love can be quiet
And sometimes love can be still
But always love is patient
And is a choice of our will
Sometimes love can be vibrant
Sometimes it's not easily felt
But always love is eternal
And is never boastful or proud
Sometimes love can be tender
Then sometimes hard to express
But always love is truthful
And believes in the very best
Sometimes love can be exciting
And love can sometimes be sweet
For love is always trusting
And chooses never to envy
Sometimes love can be painful
Then sometimes love's like a song
But always love is forgiving
And keeps no record of wrongs
Sometimes love can be gentle
Then sometimes it’s just a word
But always love protects and hopes
And love is always preserved
Love is never self-seeking
And is never angered or rude
Love can never fail us
For God’s love is faithful and true