Monday, July 18, 2011

Even when You are not there I Still Look for You

How much I miss you,
Could never be told.
The days pass me by,
And it never grows old.
The numbness is lifting,
Mental fog setting itself deep.
I feel so incredibly lonely
As I rock myself to sleep.
My tears barely fall,
Though the hurt goes that far.
I’d do absolutely anything,
To go where you are.
Do anything to talk to you,
I’ll never see your beautiful face.
Words couldn’t describe you,
Nor the impact you had on this place.
I look at pictures of you,
Countless memories set in.
I wish I could reach you,
But there’s no way to begin.
I can no longer touch you,
Or reach for your hand.
I’m drowning in emptiness,
And I’ll never understand.
I can’t say how I feel,
Or recognize the pain.
Fear is breathing within me
Can I hold you again?
Because it’s just not the same,
The same with out you around.
And I still look for you,
But you’re nowhere to be found