Monday, January 3, 2011

A come back to the blog world

Hello, All:
Sorry I've been missing for a while here in cyberspace. Scheduling for possible reconstruction .it is captivating far more energy and concentration than I ever expected. As you can possibly tell from my blogging break, (For over a month or so!) things have been keeping me busy! I have missed blogging but have comprehensively enjoyed stepping back and doing many things. I cannot believe that it is now 2011! Time is impartially going too fast, and I am determined to treasure each day as it goes by!

I have not written in such a long time! I do apologize, but the break from blogging has been energizing, and now I am back! The days have gone by way to fast, but I give thankfulness to all. I have been busy with a lot of things, such as reading several books, spending time with my sweet niece Elaina, travelling all the way I be fond of Etc... Etc...

And I know that there will be challenging year ahead...I wish all of you a very happy new year
Everybody keeps asking me "sintu, what are your plans for this year?" and I say, i dont know. The last 2 years I had a plan, and life drive them all to hell. Life gave me 10 times more than I had dreamed off, so this year I am saying, let's just enjoy the journey and lend a hand to others as much as possible. sincerely, I think most people put to much pressure on themselves to "bring about" this goal or that one and by doing that, they are setting them selves up to fail. So don't do that. Just work on something you feel like you need to progress on,

One more thing I want you all to think about is you have to learn all you can about your passion and see yourself as the person you want to turn into. TRUST IN THAT. Don't let anyone march on your dream. But you must work hard, study, learn and last of all, be tolerant (I m also trying to practice it ).

There's a lot of goal setting going on in blogosphere lately. I'm still not complete with my list to log mine for the world to see, but there is one that I would like to share now.

My reading goal for 2011
One of my dear friends has set her reading goal for 2011 at 50 books. That's a tremendous goal, but for an unhurried reader like myself, I'm going a little slack and setting my goal at 36. That's three books a month. I must add here that after an unsatisfactory run with reading, I'm lastly falling in love with it again.

My friends, so many astonishing things are up coming and I want to share them all with you. You have all followed me and cheered me on and 

I will never forget that, ever. May this Year hold magic, wonder, prosperity, and Love for all of us.
Sindhu Joy