Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pessimistic feelings are noxious

 “There are all kinds of toxins that can build up in our minds. When we go around dwelling on the wrong thoughts, thinking about what we can’t do, how somebody hurt us, or how we’ll never get ahead, those thoughts are toxic. Toxic thoughts left alone become like toxic waste. It gets into your heart, and eventually, contaminates your whole life. It affects your self-image, your attitude, and your level of confidence. The Bible tells us that we have to guard our hearts and minds above all else because if your mind gets polluted, your whole life is going to be polluted.Make a decision to go on a fast from negative, self-defeating thoughts. Cleanse your mind from what is harmful and fill yourself with thoughts of faith and victory. As you do, those good thoughts will strengthen and empower you to live the good life God has planned for you!” – By Joel Osteen

The above is a very powerful statement. In my opinion we must first believe that a positive thought will produce positive results. I truly believe positive thinking can bring about a positive change in our lives, and improve our lives in most areas.I’m sure it will be a challenge at first to block these negative thoughts, of course!!!BUT once you put this pattern in place and get into the habit and realize what the power of positive thinking holds, you'll wonder why you hadn't done so sooner! As a negative thought attempts to enter your spirit…”will” it away and replace it with a positive thought.

I’ve learned that if I continue to hold grudges, be mad at ex’s, have regrets, etc., I could go through my whole life in a negative state of mind – I WONT claim that! I will not allow this thought to take over who I am aiming to be. Anyone who goes through their entire life in a negative state of mind does not realize it will take over their very soul and become who they are!

I would say the negative thought pattern in the above statement would automatically relate to “Self Esteem”. Self Esteem, or self improvement, is the measurement of one’s self worth or how important they believe they are. Do you agree with the relation? If so, let’s delve deeper:

How can we have the negative thoughts mentioned in the above statement and have “High” Self Esteem? We can’t, it’s impossible. Your Self Esteem begins as a child, with your parents showing you love, affection, telling you, you can do anything, giving you a sense of invincibility. If this is not instilled in us as children we grow with no sense of appreciation…am I making sense? As you grow you begin to believe the things your parents told you about yourself, and your confidence is increased…this is a healthy way of living.

All in all, a happy and healthy thought process will lead to many a fruitful life…

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Saturday, July 23, 2011


I received a phone call yesterday  from my aunty, letting me know that a friend of mine died.
It wasn’t a complete shock- it was cancer. It was coming. But isn’t it funny that no matter how much we know something like this is going to happen, it still shocks the system. At least, it still shocked me. she leaves behind an amazing husband and three young kids, friends, siblings, parents, and a church family- all who loved her dearly. My heart aches just to write it.
I talked to her sister on the phone, I went for the funeral, and I cried once.
The rest of the day was auto-pilot. Reschedule events for the rest of the week. Make sure all mutual friends are informed. Call her sister again, just to hear her voice and offer a moment of friendship.
I was the first one home, so I piled myself on the couch, ready to relax into the sadness. I had some writing to do [ahem...], but my soul felt dreary.
It wasn’t long until my friends were home.
And it wasn’t long until they were holding a collection of four ultrasound photos in front of my eyes.
A baby. Their first. A life created.
I cried. [Ultrasounds ALWAYS make me do that. I do not know why.] The tears rolled out like they had just been waiting on permission to do so. The absolute joy over this little one’s new life mixed with the sadness of the death of a friend made my insides confused and left me in a puddle.
Through the tears, I asked a thousand questions, including if they wanted to name their baby after me if she is a girl. [The jury is still out on that one.] The rest of the night went along with random spurts of baby talk mixed in with brownies to celebrate and a few episodes of shows that make us laugh.
And now the day is done. I doubt I will live another one like this. Life and death, joy and sorrow, a mother joins the ranks of great moms as one leaves...........
I can’t tell the difference between a sunrise and a sunset just by seeing a picture (like the one above). They just look too similar.
It seems that no matter which way the sun is going, the colors display the beauty and the majesty of God.
And after my experience today, I think something about that feels very true.
. . . . .

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sometimes Love...

Sometimes love can be quiet
And sometimes love can be still
But always love is patient
And is a choice of our will
Sometimes love can be vibrant
Sometimes it's not easily felt
But always love is eternal
And is never boastful or proud
Sometimes love can be tender
Then sometimes hard to express
But always love is truthful
And believes in the very best
Sometimes love can be exciting
And love can sometimes be sweet
For love is always trusting
And chooses never to envy
Sometimes love can be painful
Then sometimes love's like a song
But always love is forgiving
And keeps no record of wrongs
Sometimes love can be gentle
Then sometimes it’s just a word
But always love protects and hopes
And love is always preserved
Love is never self-seeking
And is never angered or rude
Love can never fail us
For God’s love is faithful and true

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Psalm 95:1-3; 6-8

O come let us worship and bow down
Let us kneel before the Lord our maker
Offering the praise He deserves
For He is our God, our creator
We are the people of His pasture
And we are the sheep of His hand
So we shall offer with thanksgiving
Praises to the great "I Am"
Today if you would hear His voice
Don't let your hearts grow hard
As they had done so long ago
In the wilderness at Meribah
So come let us sing to the Lord
Make a joyful noise to our rock
With songs of praise and worship
To the King above all 'gods'.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Even when You are not there I Still Look for You

How much I miss you,
Could never be told.
The days pass me by,
And it never grows old.
The numbness is lifting,
Mental fog setting itself deep.
I feel so incredibly lonely
As I rock myself to sleep.
My tears barely fall,
Though the hurt goes that far.
I’d do absolutely anything,
To go where you are.
Do anything to talk to you,
I’ll never see your beautiful face.
Words couldn’t describe you,
Nor the impact you had on this place.
I look at pictures of you,
Countless memories set in.
I wish I could reach you,
But there’s no way to begin.
I can no longer touch you,
Or reach for your hand.
I’m drowning in emptiness,
And I’ll never understand.
I can’t say how I feel,
Or recognize the pain.
Fear is breathing within me
Can I hold you again?
Because it’s just not the same,
The same with out you around.
And I still look for you,
But you’re nowhere to be found

Friday, July 1, 2011


Hello people,
really miss writing my blog
I have nothing to say
that's all for today