Thursday, June 30, 2011

Accurate joy

In the present day I am lettering to you concerning joy, my outlook and how I suppose it can be achieved.
When I think of joy I consider gods worship and my prayers which compose me so relaxed .my friends and relatives! Friends and relatives make me cheerful as they help me when I require it. You can forever count on them. If I didn't have associates, I would essentially be a loner! Not only would I be a loner, but I would also have no one to talk to about my vision. But When I think of happiness, god is at the peak of the file now. When I' am troubled I always have god to share.
First I would like to give you my classification of gladness, which is to illustrate approach of happiness and delight. In my view being joyful is a fine thing. If everybody was sad the world would not be a very amusing place, because everyone would be in a bad frame of mind or irritable. I also think that being cheerful can be fine for you, because when you are not joyful people do not want to be around you.
But the genuine question is how one can reach happiness. Is it something that can be given to you, something you can buy, or is it something that everybody has inside them? As the old proverb goes 'money can buy happiness', is this.....One essential standard for living is being able to be happy. Joy can be found in diverse forms. It can be found with the purchase of inorganic stuff that improves our living styles or it can be originate with somebody connected with you. The second is the more vital of the designs of joy.
I think In order to be truthfully glad you need to be able to appreciate that everything is fine within your own living and that you are gifted to be happy with the people that are in your life and the people that influence how you live your every day life.
Satisfaction is all of the good that somebody experiences shared into ones sentiment. This emotion can, and usually does, carry out the best in people.
For someone to be happy they need to know that all that has happened in their past has happened for a cause and that it has happened in order for them to become an improved being. Not only does it make them an improved person but it also makes them understand how fine they have it or can perhaps have it.
Even though things might be stiff to deal with at the moment, people need to understand that they will be able to study from their knowledge and that they will learn to take the good from them all.
The stiff times will assist people struggle for gladness. Gladness isn't complimentary. You have to produce it and work to keep it. The cost for happiness is to undergo and having to query actions that crop up during one's life. People need to be able to adapt to their surrounds so that they can get the most excellent out of them.
You can't exist your living in fright of what can go incorrect. You just need to go out and live your life to the fullest and know that you'll be happy, even if something doesn't go the way that you had designed it to.
The finest kind of happiness is when you know that you are able to be concerned for someone and that they may be concerned about you. They may just be your friends but you care about them enough that you want what is best for them and in return they want the same for you.
This kind of happiness is of the purest form. It is a silent harmony amid people that says that each of you will do anything they can to make the other person glad and that in this development you, yourself, will be able to be happy and take pleasure in the moment.
Happiness may come and go like the seasons but in the end, every moment that you have that is filled with happiness will be well worth the sad or unnerving ones that you have had to endure.
I consider that happiness is an alternative since you can do things to make yourself happy when you're losing. If you're sad, you can put yourself in a joyful environment. In a state, if there is good and bad, look at the fine things and forget the terrible. Plain and simple, you have the power to be happy; you can do things that you take pleasure in. If you're crazy, you can do a bit that you like. If you're down in the dumps, do something that applause you up, something funny. So when you're down, find something that counters your unwanted sentiment into happiness.
And from my current practice I recognize that we can get accurate bliss from prayers. We can establish a link between god and you and it can bestow you eternally
With luv
Dr.Sindhu Joy