Sunday, February 27, 2011


As I keep on budding in Love that I AM and as more of my real identity materializes, I become conscious that my classification of absolute Love is shifting. Previously I believed that absolute Love merely meant that there was nothing a human being could do or say that would make me stop loving them. as well as although that is a very significant surface of absolute Love, I have understand that it doesn’t stop there. Of course, to Love absolutely means to Love without clause, but it also means to Love without demands, prospect, judgments or fright. Loving absolutely means Loving honestly; with an unlocked Heart, an unlocked Mind and with unlocked Hands.

Absolute Love is a secure port in which our genuine personality can sense the liberty to not simply come out, but to flourish. I accept as true that we must first experience this unrestricted Love for ourselves before we can truthfully sense it for another. 

Once we Love ourselves unreservedly and once we distinguish the serenity and calmness that comes with it, we can turn into a protected Harbor for others by loving them honestly. To me, this means loving them in such a way that they feel no pressure to be somewhat that they are not. It means constructing no ramparts, having no handcuffs and drawing no lines. It means giving them space to spread their wings. 

At times, alongside thinning out of their wings, those we Love will find that they must flutter away in order to be true to whom they have Becomes. Loving completely means agree to the freedom to fly and feeling nothing but cheerfulness in their flight.
be a safe and sound dock…Love you…and Love others…completely.