Sunday, February 27, 2011


I started to note down since it was spilling in excess. Since I broke the barrier of fantasy around my mind and therefore I started to pay attention to her. I started to attend to her sigh, her stories, her desires and bliss.
I start on to put in writing simply since it pours out of my fingers, in the globe we are mirrors for each other. Since my spirit formulates righteousness, your spirit heals too. I believe in the significance of sharing. And giving.
What am I giving out here? My Feelings,sensations and opinions, ups and downs etc..etc.. If you examine this, thank you. If you don't, thank you still. If you share what you sense, I'm privileged. If you don't, I admire your calm. I consider nothing in this living is just erratically... Neither that I'm writing at this time, nor that you're reading now, neither you'll keep your thoughts spoken, nor if you'll put down them here.
With love, S.J