Sunday, February 27, 2011


As I keep on budding in Love that I AM and as more of my real identity materializes, I become conscious that my classification of absolute Love is shifting. Previously I believed that absolute Love merely meant that there was nothing a human being could do or say that would make me stop loving them. as well as although that is a very significant surface of absolute Love, I have understand that it doesn’t stop there. Of course, to Love absolutely means to Love without clause, but it also means to Love without demands, prospect, judgments or fright. Loving absolutely means Loving honestly; with an unlocked Heart, an unlocked Mind and with unlocked Hands.

Absolute Love is a secure port in which our genuine personality can sense the liberty to not simply come out, but to flourish. I accept as true that we must first experience this unrestricted Love for ourselves before we can truthfully sense it for another. 

Once we Love ourselves unreservedly and once we distinguish the serenity and calmness that comes with it, we can turn into a protected Harbor for others by loving them honestly. To me, this means loving them in such a way that they feel no pressure to be somewhat that they are not. It means constructing no ramparts, having no handcuffs and drawing no lines. It means giving them space to spread their wings. 

At times, alongside thinning out of their wings, those we Love will find that they must flutter away in order to be true to whom they have Becomes. Loving completely means agree to the freedom to fly and feeling nothing but cheerfulness in their flight.
be a safe and sound dock…Love you…and Love others…completely.



I started to note down since it was spilling in excess. Since I broke the barrier of fantasy around my mind and therefore I started to pay attention to her. I started to attend to her sigh, her stories, her desires and bliss.
I start on to put in writing simply since it pours out of my fingers, in the globe we are mirrors for each other. Since my spirit formulates righteousness, your spirit heals too. I believe in the significance of sharing. And giving.
What am I giving out here? My Feelings,sensations and opinions, ups and downs etc..etc.. If you examine this, thank you. If you don't, thank you still. If you share what you sense, I'm privileged. If you don't, I admire your calm. I consider nothing in this living is just erratically... Neither that I'm writing at this time, nor that you're reading now, neither you'll keep your thoughts spoken, nor if you'll put down them here.
With love, S.J

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"The plummet leaves ...and constructive thoughts “

I discover irresistible this time of year; the breezy brittle atmosphere, the humid comforting colors, the squashy yawning sunsets…moreover let’s not fail to keep in mind the leaves altering colors! Fall is presently such an unlikely time of year.

As I was walking through my surroundings the other day, I took in the leaves altering colors, diminishing charmingly to the earth, and then the crunch of the already fallen leaves beneath my feet. How beautiful they come out to be on the stem—and still as they came gliding down—however terrible, sad and crippled they looked after being compressed upon on the ground.
Then it dawned on me…human beings are no dissimilar than the leaves. I know I know….you all think I’ve finally lost it. But hang in there with me! Picture a maturing leaf in the spring. So new, pure, filled of life, and a talented outlook in front of it; that little sprout is like you opening out in the world—bright, guiltless, and full of prospective.

Now move on to the summer when that small bud has developed into a succulent green leaf. It’s confident, positive, protected, and thinks it’s going to hang everlastingly. Nobody can bring this leaf downward.

At last fall pull in. There’s alteration yet again in the air. That little leaf start to change color…after all, all the other leaves are doing it, so why I am left out? “This change isn’t going to harm me…I’m still as burly as ever, and I am not going anywhere!” the little leaf, once a rising green now a warm yellow, declares.

But rapidly, somewhat starts to change. That once mild summer breeze has moved on, and a strong cold wind with a bite to it has taken its place. It becomes harder and harder for that little leaf to stand strong and to hold on to the branch keeping it off the ground.

Just let go!” a reddish-brown leaf shouts. “Look at how liberated I am! I am not held back by anyone!” the auburn leaf shouts as it’s carried off in the strong breeze.
The wind grows stronger and stronger, and our once green leaf grows weaker and weaker. “Well, why should I resist? Look at how free all of those other leaves are. What’s holding me back?”
So finally, the little leaf gives in. It let’s go of its strong branch, and leaps into the wind’s current. “I’m free, I’m free! I am an independent! I should have done this a long time ago!” the little leaf shouts as it falls and falls, rejoicing in its new freedom.

But suddenly, the little leaf hits the ground, landing on other already fallen leaves. “It’s just a set back, that’s all” the little leaf tries to reassure itself.
Day after day passes by, and the little leaf remains in its alike gloomy and lonesome position. It had long since lost its once green, vibrant color, but now it was even loosing its warm yellow color, and was turning brown and drying up.

Abruptly, the little leaf hears a crunching sound…and another, and another…the sickening noise getting closer and closer to its position on the cold, hard ground. *crisis*
The little leaf that was once vibrant, green and steadfast now lies on the cold earth alone, lifeless, and stepped upon…the change was not as beneficial and satisfying as everyone said it would be.

I have a query .shall we stay as a green leaf eternally? Shall we remain confident, positive, protected, and believe we are going to hang up enduringly. I suppose we be able to if we are assenting .Acquire confidence and faith in ourselves .visualize that I am a well-built green leaf. In disaster don’t get disappointed. Don’t convert our selves weaker in any position .if crisis arrives, right away think that we stay lively and unwavering everlastingly.
In conclusion I like to tell u one thing that is I be fond of revising me and my living into an energetic, green, rising leaf .what about u ?
Thank you
Sindhu joy

Monday, February 21, 2011

A simple women's Daybook

Today... yet another overwhelming daytime
Outside my window... gloom which revolve to glow
I am thinking... every fine things in my life
I am thankful for... the people who care and promote me!
I am reading... about to start "showdown" by Ted Dekker
One of my favorite things... choclates…..
A keeper at home skill I am using/... cooking and categorize.
A character trait I plan to work on... serenity
Scripture I am memorizing... Never love a frnd who hurts u... Never hurt a frnd who loves u... Sacrifice everything for a frnd who care for u.
For the rest of the week... some official work and celebrations with best friends

A picture I'd like to share...

picture of my niece Elaina
I initiate this meme and after seeing numerous bloggers join in, I thought I'd give it a shot! :perhaps do one each two weeks or each month. :)
You can participate too by going here!
sindhu joy