Sunday, July 25, 2010


I really miss my Mom, she passed away before 12 years ,I have a number of good memories of her, I wish that I could remember the whole lot however I was too young, I still have a few things that she bought me when I was small i.e.…..Tiffin box,clothes,pillow cover etc…. I feel blessed to have the recollections.
We were so close and had a special bond; although our relation be similar to friends I memorize that we were recurrent fighters. I spoke with mum every day and each and every minute of my day once I left home in the morning for school/college. Mum was always so thoughtful and sympathetic, she lived for me and my brother and sister .it does give me some comfort to believe that my mum has not died she is very much alive
Oh mum I just want to hold on to all my memories of you I don't want them to weaken. I love you .I now will have to study to live my life missing you each and every day. You are my spirit, I love you my mama and will always treasure our memories .you gave me life and were always there for me and my family .Mum was always the world to me. A supply of kindness and soothe from the second I was born. My first reminiscences are of her, and from that jiffy she was all that was significant in my world.
My mum was an elegant, kind and sympathetic person. I suppose she knew me better than I knew myself. She was at all times there for me when I looked-for her, in a way no one else could ever come close up to. We shared unspoken hush-hush and an astonishing companionship. We understand each other so well; occasionally we don’t need language to converse. Almost twelve years have passed as I am writing this, and not a single day goes by when I don’t think of her.
She is forever on the back of my mind. I’m sure those who have missing someone so close know what I am talking about. Life is just never the same; there are some things a person can’t forget.