Saturday, July 3, 2010

Argentinean Thoughts Broken

Cape Town's Green Point stadium saddened me at the moment …. I’m an admirer of football certainly a big supporter of Argentina. There is a particular space for Argentina in my mind . Four 

years ago, Diego Maradona and his Argentinean team lost to Germany in the World Cup quarterfinals, that was in 2006 and the memory of that defeat is still in my mind.
Argentina lost 4-0 to Germany on Saturday and bid goodbye to the South Africa World Soccer Cup.
The German goals were scored by Miroslav Klose (twice), Thomas Muller and Arne Friedrich. Bearing in mind yesterday’s match The German players was fully advanced all through the game, though the Argentines proved an upturn at the commencement of the second half time.
It was definitely a shocking day for Argentina and all the Argentinean supporters, as they lost 4 -0 to Germany in the very last quarterfinal competition today. Following this match, Germany made it to the semifinals of the FIFA World Cup 2010. What a disappointing sport. I thought Argentina will succeed the cup. Argentinean fans let us linger for the next world cup to eyewitness a success of Argentina……………..