Monday, January 5, 2009

Supreme courtyard criticize Orissa administration in the minority question

As hearing the Cuttack Archibishop's appeal on protecting Christians in Kandhmal the Supreme Court today directed the Centre and Orissa government to organize the security of the minorities In Orissa. The matter came to the Supreme Court after a nun was allegedly raped and thousands of Christians were enforced to take off their homes after the most horrible religious aggression previous year, Justice Markandey Kanju, one of judges hearing the case criticized the Orissa government's management of the issue.The Supreme Court today criticized the Orissa government to quit from power if it can't defend the minorities and their privileges. Being a secular nation it is the right of each and every resident to believe in any religion him or her like.It is with the support of the orissa government these radical groups do this much of violence against the poor nuns, missionaries and the Christian believers at orissa. When sister meena was raped by many persons the police supported them instead protecting sister meena .it is clear from the police deed that the government had also played a part in this violence .All the secular forces in our country ought to battle in opposition to these extremist groups.