Saturday, January 3, 2009

My individual occurrence within Srilanka and Killinochi episode

Previous July unfortunately I got an opportunity to go and stay in Srilanka for two days. I was a transit traveler in the Srilankan airways, while I was leaving to be present at an intercontinental programme at Japan in link with the Hiroshima-Nagasaki day. While I received the air-ticket for my voyage I was so excited to take notice that I have to reside at Lanka for two days. There was of course a cause behind it .It is for the reason that my grandfather late C.J.George chakkungal, was engaged in certain business at Srilanka for a while, and I heard a bundle of Srilankan stories from my grandpa and grandma.Starting from Trivandrum we reached there within an hour .when we take our transit and try to go out, one of the airport officials realized that I am from India. Unexpectedly he asked me whether I am a Tamilian. In the in the meantime he ask me to unlock all my belongings and there was a comprehensive check in for me .Why I memorize this today is of course owing to killinochi. My personnel occurrence in the airport is a lucid instance of the approach of the Srilankan authorities towards Tamil community. But we are in opposition to the actins of LTTE as well. information articulate that the Srilankan Army obtain over LTTE headquarters Killinochi. In Killinochi as we all know, there was police station, court and a restaurant all governed by the LTTE .it is the strong hold of LTTE so the detain of this place is a strong success for Srilankan army. The Tamil minority as it is said was the original inhabitants of the territory. Singhalese are said to be migrants who occupied the terrain. The Srilankan troops have capture the military base and Political Administration place of LTTE- Killinochi. The struggle over here lasted for more than weeks. It has been said that both the sides faced heavy losses .But now the total has been taken into the control by Srilankan armythe dealings of LTTE give the impression to be like terrorist groups, as they are killing the blameless people by suicide attacks. This might be the same for other organizations that are supporting the terrorism and extremism. The act of Srilankan army is excellent but at the same time the Srilankan government must guarantee indispensable steps to shield the life of guiltless tamilians.