Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009- welcome 2010

2009 has come, played its responsibility in our lives and left….one more years vanished. A number of us are joyful to see it go, a few of us, possibly are sad to bid a good year goodbye. For me 2009 has been a year of changeover. Although it started out under quite complicated conditions, 2009 has provided with me with some unique experiences and some very good friends. Loss and gain was dished out in equal amounts, but overall I think the year has contributed to making my life a little better than ever, although the changes have not been easy many cheerful occurrence came in my life last year .the first one was the birth of my little niece Elaina on January eighth. Contesting in the Ernakulam Lokh sabha election was the second occasion. Still I lost the election it gave me opportunity to understand the wants, tribulations and aspirations of the people particularly the browbeaten .The election was an opening for me to blend with the public at my Hometown after several years since I was doing my higher studies at Trivandrum .it was off course an occasion of reunion with my friends and natives . The election experience was an extraordinary break in my political life .and of course the doctorate degree also energized and delighted me in 2009. But on the whole I think the year has contributed to making my life a little better than ever, although the changes have not been easy. Thus ,with a mixture of joy and sadness I bid farewell to 2009 and welcome in 2010 with a lot of hope . And is assertively waiting for a number of peaceful events this year It’s that time of the year again. I don’t actually identify why people get a bit tipsy and soft hearted.. They call it New-year...And I surprise, what makes it so special..I know for sure it’s nothing religious, because I’ve seen the symptoms in atheists too. Well I think, maybe it’s the timing. You know. the year is coming to a close and almost everybody has a few days holidays. And of course we are always looking for a reason to celebrate…but whatever it really is. I have no doubts that this time of the year is something special….and as they say, people get filled with the new-year spirit. I’ve been getting loads of e mails with Christmas and new year greetings and I thought, let me not be a scrooge and do my share of it too…So here it is. I wish you all a very happy new year I thank those of you who have sent me their greetings and apologies to those who are cursing this mass mailing that I’m doing (I’m sure you must’ve got loads of mass mails already!). ..But at least..I`m trying to make it a bit personal! Those of you who are lucky enough to be with family. Do pass on my wishes to them …and of course for the coming new year. I believe the coming year is going to be real good to me…and I hope it is the same with you too…I wish you all a Happy and prosperous New Year too. Lots of Love Dr.Sindhu Joy