Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009- welcome 2010

2009 has come, played its responsibility in our lives and left….one more years vanished. A number of us are joyful to see it go, a few of us, possibly are sad to bid a good year goodbye. For me 2009 has been a year of changeover. Although it started out under quite complicated conditions, 2009 has provided with me with some unique experiences and some very good friends. Loss and gain was dished out in equal amounts, but overall I think the year has contributed to making my life a little better than ever, although the changes have not been easy many cheerful occurrence came in my life last year .the first one was the birth of my little niece Elaina on January eighth. Contesting in the Ernakulam Lokh sabha election was the second occasion. Still I lost the election it gave me opportunity to understand the wants, tribulations and aspirations of the people particularly the browbeaten .The election was an opening for me to blend with the public at my Hometown after several years since I was doing my higher studies at Trivandrum .it was off course an occasion of reunion with my friends and natives . The election experience was an extraordinary break in my political life .and of course the doctorate degree also energized and delighted me in 2009. But on the whole I think the year has contributed to making my life a little better than ever, although the changes have not been easy. Thus ,with a mixture of joy and sadness I bid farewell to 2009 and welcome in 2010 with a lot of hope . And is assertively waiting for a number of peaceful events this year It’s that time of the year again. I don’t actually identify why people get a bit tipsy and soft hearted.. They call it New-year...And I surprise, what makes it so special..I know for sure it’s nothing religious, because I’ve seen the symptoms in atheists too. Well I think, maybe it’s the timing. You know. the year is coming to a close and almost everybody has a few days holidays. And of course we are always looking for a reason to celebrate…but whatever it really is. I have no doubts that this time of the year is something special….and as they say, people get filled with the new-year spirit. I’ve been getting loads of e mails with Christmas and new year greetings and I thought, let me not be a scrooge and do my share of it too…So here it is. I wish you all a very happy new year I thank those of you who have sent me their greetings and apologies to those who are cursing this mass mailing that I’m doing (I’m sure you must’ve got loads of mass mails already!). ..But at least..I`m trying to make it a bit personal! Those of you who are lucky enough to be with family. Do pass on my wishes to them …and of course for the coming new year. I believe the coming year is going to be real good to me…and I hope it is the same with you too…I wish you all a Happy and prosperous New Year too. Lots of Love Dr.Sindhu Joy

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Love in the Time of Cholera

In the present day as in a discussion in the company of a friend opportunely the theme of this tale come up in between us. With no delay I have a second look at the tale .The tale takes place in an anonymous harbor metropolis someplace in the Caribbean, close to the Magdalena waterway. As the town leftovers unidentified all through the narrative, imagery of it lead to the finish that it must be Cartagena, and Bolivar, Colombia, where Garcia Marquez depleted his premature existence. The city is separated into such sections as "The District of the Viceroys" and "The Arcade of the Scribes." The narrative encompasses the half-century around 1880 and 1930. The city’s "humid and drowsy streets, rat-diseased sewer, aged slave section, putrefying regal construction, and miscellaneous residents" blotch the manuscript and combine amid the lives of the characters. The foremost womanly personality in the narrative, Fermina Daza, is the strapping affiliation about which the tale revolve. Fermina effortlessly rejects Florentino Ariza in their formative years once she realize the inexperience of their initial romance, and she weds Juvenal Urbino at the age of 21, the time limit she had set for herself, eventually since he seem to be capable to tender sanctuary and love to her. Urbino is a medical doctor committed to science, modernity, and "order and development." He is dedicated to the obliteration of cholera and to the endorsement of civic workings. He is a lucid man whose life is prepared specifically and who principles his significance and status in the public to the highest. Urbino is a messenger of development and transformation. His purpose in the narrative is to offer the counterpoint to Ariza’s old-fashioned, tender style. He proved to be a truthful companion; save for lone diminutive situation delayed in their nuptials, though the work of fiction suggests that his adore for her was never as spiritually spotless as Ariza's be. By the ending, Fermina has an alter in Ariza and their love is allowed to bloom once more in their mature age. Although their communication is partial to correspondence by letter; not until the end of the book do Fermina and Florentino discuss at piece. Love in the Time of Cholera as an emotional tale concerning the lasting influence of accurate love.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Independence Day

The present day is Independence Day and for Indians it is a lot. Before 63 years this day the land wakes up breathing the atmosphere of liberty to herald a fresh start. It is the freedom that gave India a new uniqueness as a sovereign nation after many years of colonial ruling. Since then it has turn out to be a day of extraordinary importance –we today celebrated with the Tricolor, the parades, the patriotic speeches and songs, the commemoration of the warriors who fight for the liberty of our motherland India.
independence day wishes to all
Sindhu Joy

Thursday, July 30, 2009

In the center of contentment among brother, sister as well as niece Elaina

Previous few days I was in fact mixed up with my family. My brother and sister at Bangalooru constantly desire to occupy a couple of days with them ,however I do not find much moment for the same in connecting my study along with political living .This time when they call me up to spend a few days with them I was delighted to join. My foremost attraction was certainly my niece Elaina. (I call her as Ella). anyhow three of us and my sister’s family was hallowed with lot of amusing and cheerfulness in the last few days .Not merely our unification add to the bliss other than the charisma of our six month old wonderful niece Elaina contribute the way to our delight. Elaina is naturally budding up and she is a jovial kid .I hope for to observe the entire significant occurrence in the living of Elaina

Friday, February 27, 2009

Franz Kafka -Jackals And Arabs

Dear friends, previous few days I was analysing as many literature as I can. Prior to one month my attention was on a number of passionate novels like. Gone With The Wind- Margaret Mitchell ,Love Story- Erich Segal ,The Flame And The Flower- Kathleen Woodiwiss, Rebecca- Daphne Du Maurier, Jane Eyre- Charlotte Bronte ,Odyssey- Homer Silas Marner- George Elliot ,Emma- Jane Austen ,Great Expectations- Charles Dickens Sons And Lovers- D.H. Lawrence A Scarlett Letter- Nathaniel Hawthorne Rainbow- D.H. Lawrence Lady Chatterley's Lover- D.H. Lawrence Romeo And Juliet- William Shakespeare Othello- William Shakespeare The Tempest- William the moment I m dedicating my chock-full focus on franz kafkas writings to be grave I m at the moment researching on kafka.I have just ended reading Jackals and Arabs the narrative is in relation toA European voyager as of the North, accompanied by Arab guides, and is camped in the wasteland. While nighttime falls, and the Arabs are at remoteness, the voyager is accosted by chatting jackals. The jackals talk of an age-old revulsion for Arabs, whom they associate with uncleanliness. They relate a belief approved down from their ancestors, that a man such as the protagonist would be the one to "end the quarrel which divides the world in two". The jackals attempt to enlist the traveler's assistance in destroying them, offering him old rusted scissors with which to slit the throats of the Arabs. At this instant an Arab happens upon the discussion, and cracks his whip, "laughing cheerfully". He declares the fondness of Arabs for jackals, and the Arabs bring out the carcass of a camel that had died in the night. The jackals begin to feast on it uncontrollably, and the Arab whips several of them as they tear at the flesh of the carcass, until the European interferes. The Arab agrees to stop, and the story ends: "We’ll leave them to their calling. Besides, it’s time to break camp. You’ve seen them. Wonderful creatures, aren’t they? And how they hate us!"Criticisms concerning the narrative are that the understanding of jackals as Jews has been taken up as a parable of Jewish-Arab relations, Kafka "caricaturing the concept of the Chosen People who appear as intolerant of the Arab culture as the Arab culture is of them. Any how I enjoyed reading it and now I am moving on to his squat story "A Country Doctor"

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My new-fangled niece Elaina

in reality for the most recent days I was incapable to revise my blog owing to a few personnel reasons. My younger sister sumi give birth to a girl baby. Her parents named her as ELAINA (SHINING LIGHT, SUN RAY) AND FULL NAME WILL BE "ELAINA PRISTEEN SIBY CHANDRATHIL".I was very much keyed up and glad to hear that sumi delivered a girl kid. my whole family including sumi her huby sibi,my brother vijesh joy and me truthfully expected a girl baby. All blessing for BABY ELAINA

Monday, January 5, 2009

Supreme courtyard criticize Orissa administration in the minority question

As hearing the Cuttack Archibishop's appeal on protecting Christians in Kandhmal the Supreme Court today directed the Centre and Orissa government to organize the security of the minorities In Orissa. The matter came to the Supreme Court after a nun was allegedly raped and thousands of Christians were enforced to take off their homes after the most horrible religious aggression previous year, Justice Markandey Kanju, one of judges hearing the case criticized the Orissa government's management of the issue.The Supreme Court today criticized the Orissa government to quit from power if it can't defend the minorities and their privileges. Being a secular nation it is the right of each and every resident to believe in any religion him or her like.It is with the support of the orissa government these radical groups do this much of violence against the poor nuns, missionaries and the Christian believers at orissa. When sister meena was raped by many persons the police supported them instead protecting sister meena .it is clear from the police deed that the government had also played a part in this violence .All the secular forces in our country ought to battle in opposition to these extremist groups.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

My individual occurrence within Srilanka and Killinochi episode

Previous July unfortunately I got an opportunity to go and stay in Srilanka for two days. I was a transit traveler in the Srilankan airways, while I was leaving to be present at an intercontinental programme at Japan in link with the Hiroshima-Nagasaki day. While I received the air-ticket for my voyage I was so excited to take notice that I have to reside at Lanka for two days. There was of course a cause behind it .It is for the reason that my grandfather late C.J.George chakkungal, was engaged in certain business at Srilanka for a while, and I heard a bundle of Srilankan stories from my grandpa and grandma.Starting from Trivandrum we reached there within an hour .when we take our transit and try to go out, one of the airport officials realized that I am from India. Unexpectedly he asked me whether I am a Tamilian. In the in the meantime he ask me to unlock all my belongings and there was a comprehensive check in for me .Why I memorize this today is of course owing to killinochi. My personnel occurrence in the airport is a lucid instance of the approach of the Srilankan authorities towards Tamil community. But we are in opposition to the actins of LTTE as well. information articulate that the Srilankan Army obtain over LTTE headquarters Killinochi. In Killinochi as we all know, there was police station, court and a restaurant all governed by the LTTE .it is the strong hold of LTTE so the detain of this place is a strong success for Srilankan army. The Tamil minority as it is said was the original inhabitants of the territory. Singhalese are said to be migrants who occupied the terrain. The Srilankan troops have capture the military base and Political Administration place of LTTE- Killinochi. The struggle over here lasted for more than weeks. It has been said that both the sides faced heavy losses .But now the total has been taken into the control by Srilankan armythe dealings of LTTE give the impression to be like terrorist groups, as they are killing the blameless people by suicide attacks. This might be the same for other organizations that are supporting the terrorism and extremism. The act of Srilankan army is excellent but at the same time the Srilankan government must guarantee indispensable steps to shield the life of guiltless tamilians.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year ride in the midst of optimism and delight

Hi everybody A lot of gratitude meant for all good wishes acknowledged for the holiday period. Here’s wishing you each and every one a very cheerful new year. The year 2008 has been in the midst of the hardest years of my living. It was a time packed with ups and down, hope and despair; so I’m not actually happy to see it go. Yet I do look ahead with guarded hopefulness to the year in front and I expect consequently as to the year 2009 and hope to bring me and every one of you better fortune.

Cheerful new day

New Year is approaching on its way and I believe this is the genuine point to set up a new endeavor. I started this blog earlier than 3 years and do not confer much concentration in reworking on it. but a number of of my associates, well-wishers and connections (chiefly my relations who are out of the country) all the time like to take notice of me and like to make out where I am .so as of now onwards I am here among you .stay track of my diminutive world in this space. "This blog is designed for folks who set aside my vision obvious, designed for the dear ones that I cleave beloved. This blog be for those who lent me potency all along the way, plus for those who’ve shared with me along life's long roads. I bestow this space for those who took my burdens on their shoulders and washed-out my load. This is for those who stood close to me while disappointment took its Toll and gave me the back-up to meet up my goals, and offered their friendship .I wishes all of you a bright and beautiful new year"